Almer Kaasschieter - Bass player & Front-end Developer; either way, I make others look good.

Almer Kaasschieter Front-end Developer & Bass Player Either way, I make others look good Almer Kaasschieter Bass Player & Front-end Developer Either way, I make others look good

Almer Kaasschieter: Bass player

I'm playing bass for 28 years now. I have been lucky enough to make it a professional career and have worked with many great people because of it. Since 1999 I've been playing with Danny Vera. We're touring in clubs, theaters & festivals, and have been featuring TV show 'Veronica Inside' for thirteen years. You can find some clips here. Check Danny's tour schedule where to see us live.

Almer Kaasschieter: Front-end Developer

'Front-end development' wasn't even a thing when I first started building online stuff, but meanwhile I have 23 years of experience building commercial, corporate and small business sites. Since 2013 I'm happy to be working part-time for an online agency called Nedbase. A selection of recent and previous projects is here. I'm always interested to hear your thoughts or rants about this site, or, if you think I can be of any service to you; please let me know.